Have You Seen The Yellow Sign?

HYSTYS? Interlude 1


Edgar would had followed Herbert and Leopold to the Blacks, but he had to stay in London and work. Otherwise he seems to be able to take time off from his job, but not this time.
They decided that he would join a few days later. Early in the morning of Sunday the 18th, he started the trip (which was expected to take 8-10 hours by car instead of 4-5 hours by train).
Somewhere after Birmingham the car broke down (engine came loose because of poor roads). He borrowed a phone and called the Blacks, but no one answered.
After getting help to tow the car to a repair shop, he paid someone to repair the car all and arrives in Helmsdon in the morning. On the road through Helmsdon he saw Black’s car outside the Queen Anne Hotel and stop.



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