Edgar Pickering

Careerist museum curator (Antiquarian) with a love for fast cars.


Drive: Adventure
Pillars: Epicureanism, High Principles of Art, Humankind is the Pinnacle of Creation
Anthropology 2, Architecture 1, Art History 1, History 2, Languages 2, Law 1, Library Use 1, Theology 1, Bargain 1, Credit Rating 5, Flattery 1, Oral History 1, Reassurance 1, Art (singing) 1.
Electrical Repair 3, Mechanical Repair 6

Tall, slender, blond, and blue eyed. Often dressed in a sporty style, when not at work, or in official businesses. At all times, he dress to impress, though, to make sure to maintain his image.


Edgar rarely talks about his background or where he comes from, other than in very general and sweeping terms. His accent, though clearly cultivated, sometimes hints at him coming from middle class London environments.
He is one of those persons who knows a little about a lot, but really isn’t an expert in anything. That still has managed to land him a job as a curator at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, in London.
He really likes new things. Fast things. Thrills and new experiences. He really thinks he’s living in the most glorious of times, with all new inventions, like race cars, telephone lines about to span the globe, air planes, radio and TV. Is there really a limit to what humanity can achieve? And he wants to be there, in the front, speeding ahead and diving into it all.
Sometimes he appears careless or carefree. And he really is quite easy going. No need to worry about things. Either they turn out well in the end, or you just walk away. Overly worrying or fuzzing, has never stopped any disaster, right?

Edgar Pickering

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