Leopold Twain

Struggling Author


Drive: Ennui
Pillars: Family, Determination, Logic

Accounting 1, Anthopology 1, Archaeology 2, History 2, Languages 1, Library Use 2, Occult 1, Theology 1, Cop Talk 2, Credit Rating 3, Oral History 4, Streetwise 1, Art 2, Locksmith 1, Outdoorsman 1


Author and theatre critic. He read the great adventures when he was a child, and was regaled with tales of glory by his soldier-father. He began to immagine hhis own adventures, and took to many usefull skills in order to be as his heroes.
The dream faded with age and responsibilities, and he fell upon writing of them instead, though never published he is the delight of his pub where he tells the stories.
He carries the anger of never reaching his great potential, and when confronted about his “long row of failure” he is quick to defend his honor with his fists.
Earning most of his keep as a theatre-critic to some of the lesser newspapers, he had the chance of befriending the Blacks and Dr Simms who seemed not to mind his sometimes arrogant thoughtlessness and stereotypically male need to be at the center of things.
Somewhere, of course, he cynically believes the jungian sees him as a case for his studies, and the Blacks as a funny and brutish buffoon.
Yet he knows they enjoy his company, and he theirs, and he firmly stands by that he can turn to them when in need just as they to him.

Leopold Twain

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